City Rejects Proposed Growth Plan




The City of Blooming Grove held a special meeting recently to decide on a proposed plan that would have brought some new business to town.  A Sonic restaurant, convenience store and pay-at-the-pump gas station was in the plan to be built at the SW corner of FM 55 and SH 22.  The plan required the approval of the city council to re-zone the proposed lots from residential to commercial.  The motion failed in a 3 to 2 vote.  Former mayor and council member Alva Smith and council member Linda Busby voted in favor of the proposal.  Council members Donnie Harris, Donny Scott and Jo McKee voted against it.


The meeting lasted about 45 minutes and was presided by Mayor Gary Patterson and attended by the five standing city council members, several other city officials and 24 interested and concerned citizens.  The attending citizens were given the opportunity to speak and offered opinions both for and against the plan.  Most of the citizens were not in favor of it, voicing concerns over traffic, bright lights, safety and other issues.  Some people were against it because they felt it would threaten existing local businesses, while others just thought it would take away from Blooming Grove’s small town appeal.  Proponents for the plan believe that having more options would be good for the town, would spur on competition which would benefit town residents and that this or any other potential businesses would promote the local economy by providing new job opportunities.


GROWTH PLAN MEETING VOTE, December 18, 2014:

Linda Busby – FOR

Alva Smith – FOR

Donnie Harris – AGAINST


Donny Scott – AGAINST




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