Blooming Grove ISD Superintendent News – April 24, 2015

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I hope everyone has had a great week. I have officially completed my first week as your Superintendent. In the first week I have observed very enthusiastic, hard working and respectful students and you are to be commended on the students of Blooming Grove. I will be writing this weekly newsletter as a form of communication to you the parents and community members. On another note I want to invite you at any time you have questions or concerns about what is going on at the school, please feel free to contact me.

School Communication

We are working tirelessly to improve communication out of the school to our stakeholders (community members and parents). Starting with the new school year you will see several new avenues of communication that will be implemented at Blooming Grove, they are as follows:

School Web Site: We are reconfiguring our website by the start of school next year, documents such as our budget, our monthly expenditures, the Superintendent’s contract, student handbooks, employee handbooks and many others forms of documentation will be accessible to all through the Blooming Grove Website.  As we work through this I will continue to update you with the progress.

School Reach: This is service that will allow the school district to send out mass phone and or text communication with our parents and/or guardians regarding daily and weekly events in the school district. It will also be our way of notification if we have a delayed start or call off school due to bad weather.

These are just two of the many communication tools we will be using in the next school year to keep all informed of your school district happenings.

National Honor Society

Starting with the next school year we will be opening up our Blooming Grove National Honor Society to all grade levels at the high school.   In the past we only had seniors as members of National Honor Society.

Athletic Director

Blooming Grove’s current Athletic Director Ben Kinnison, has resigned to take another position in another school district. I want to personal thank Ben for his years of service to the students of Blooming Grove and wish him and his family well. In the coming weeks we will be selecting a New Athletic Director to lead the Blooming Grove Athletic Department. As we move through this process I will keep you informed and at any time you have any questions, please contact me.

New Concession Stand

If you have not made your way back to the baseball and softball fields you will be in for a pleasant surprise. In order to provide a facility for both our school organizations and for our Little League program the school district has built an outstanding concession stand and restroom facility. There are some rumors floating around about how the facility was paid for. Well to address that rumor, the school district built the facility with budgeted funds as part of our annual operating budget. Anytime the school district and community can increase our partnership through the use of shared facilities than everyone in the community benefits.

National Jr. Honor Society

This last Thursday I had the awesome opportunity to attend the National Jr. Honor Society Induction Ceremony. I want to applaud the students and their parents on a job well done. This is outstanding achievement to be inducted into this outstanding organization. I want to give a huge ‘pat on the back’ to Mr. Bell and his staff for a job well done.


In the coming months we will be changing some aspects of Blooming Grove ISD. As we move forward with these changes at times people will hear “stories and or rumors” about the proposed changes or the changes that were implemented. As these changes take place I will be informing you of the change and the reasons behind the changes. I implore you that at any time you have questions or concerns, please contact me or come see me. Also please understand that any change that is made is and will always be in the best interest of students.

Once again I want to thank you for the awesome opportunity to serve you as your Superintendent, I want to remind you that at any time you have any questions or concerns, please take the time to contact me either by coming to the office, calling me or e-mailing me at




Marshall Harrison

Blooming Grove ISD Superintendent

Blooming Grove ISD Superintendent Marshall Harrison

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