Concerns regarding Blooming Grove ISD Student Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Program – July 13, 2015







July 13, 2015


I wanted to take a moment to address some concerns regarding Blooming Grove ISD Student Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Program.  The concerns are as follows:


  1. Holding a mandatory parent meeting on July 22nd to review the policy.
    1. Based on the fact that many parents have vacations or other activities planned we are going to cancel the meeting on July 22nd.


  1. Blooming Grove is implementing a policy that is different from other school districts:
    1. Listed below is a sampling of school districts within the area and in other parts of the state that participate in Random Student Drug and Alcohol Testing for students in grades 7-12 who participate in extracurricular activities:

Mexia, Marble Falls, Fairfield, Lampasas, Lorena, Troy, McGregor, Axtell, Corsicana, Bosquenville, Teague, Alvord, Bridgeport, Boyd, Centerville, Dublin, Fredericksburg, Grosebeck, Hillsboro, Llano, Midlred, Rosebud-Lott, Rockdale, Zephyr, Burnett, Reagan County ISD, Kopperl, Wink-Loving ISD, Crane ISD, Covington ISD, Glassock County ISD, Coahoma, Stanton, Academy, Chilton, Clifton, Evant, Frost, Hamilton, Hico, Iredell, Kerens, LaVega, Lometa, Midway, Rosebudd-Lott, and Robison


  1. In order to obtain a parking permit student must consent to drug testing.
    1. Based on the final review from the school attorney we are not going to require students to consent to drug testing to obtain a parking permit. The only students who will be tested will be students in grades 7-12 who participate in Extracurricular Activities.



We are asking the parent or guardian to review the Blooming Grove ISD Student Random Drug and Alcohol Testing program that can be located on our website at once you have reviewed the policy, please print off the consent form that is located after page 8 in the policy.  If the student is in grades 9-12 and participate in extracurricular activities the consent form needs to be returned to the school office on or before August 3, 2015.  For students in grades 7-8 the consent form must be turned in on or before August 24, 2015.


As always if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.



Have a great summer,




Marshall Harrison












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